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Special Fall Savings!

Today is the first day we have felt 'fall in the air' at Falster Farm. Here in East Texas cool weather has prompted us to get busy on this FALL BREEDING special Nancy and I have been discussing. We have a Fall Special for your Export and Health Certified Semen needs. Now is the time to buy and get this deal for your herd or tell your neighbors about it for their cattle.

"Get 'em bred to a world renowned Falster Herd Sire".




Yes Sir, Now is the Time to Grow your Herd with Falster Genetics.


This is a perfect time of year to Breed and grow your mini cattle herd. You'll find genetics from Falster Farm's Herd Sires will advance your bovine line, and save you money too!

If you raise Herefords, you'd have pure bred offspring to add to your bottom line. And since our cattle are in the miniature category, you'd be able to begin downsizing your herd for all the positive reasons you have read about.

If you raise another breed of cattle you will bring what is known as 'hybrid-vigor' into your beef herd. Capturing the best of both breeds in your resulting spring calves - introducing new blood into your herd, as our New Zealand customers have.


New Zealand Mini Hereford Breeders

New Zealand Mini Hereford Breeders.

We have semen available from 4 Herd Sire Bulls for you.  On three of the bulls we offer certified for health and export semen. In fact 2 of the bulls are dual registered: KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE and KNF CIBOLO are registered with the American Hereford association and the New Zealand Miniature Hereford Association.

Our third certified bull is Martin Luther. His semen is special to us since he has passed on and we are able to carry on his line through the modern technology of freezing qualified semen for our and your future use.


All three of these bulls have offspring that have proven to be winners for their owners. Their semen is modestly and affordably priced at $50.00 per straw, no minimum.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 5 Straws & Get the 6th FREE

And to celebrate October Fest buy 10 and get 2 FREE.


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Oh, yes, our last bull is a pure bred miniature Registered Hereford but his semen is not certified due to recent rule changes within the American Hereford Association registry



requirements. To provide a Sire Certificate we now are required to obtain DNA from each bull's sire and dam - both Barney's parents are dead. He throws beautiful calves and on our Hereford crosses, we've gotten a lot of brindle-coated sellers. AI get ( calf from frozen semen)from this bull will not able to be registered, but his Live Cover can be. He is a perfect match for those not registering their offspring, but still wanting to produce high quality cattle.


RD ARGYLE BARNEY semen is only $10.00 per straw.

While Barney is still alive, we will not be collecting any more semen from him due to his age, so when this special is gone it is gone for good.


If you're like us, you've got more things going than hours in a day to get to it all. But Karl always says, "the situation is always the boss" and the situation is: NOW is the time to breed cows. NOW is the time to take advantage of Falster Farm's excellent pricing on proven semen straws from proven bulls.


Don't let your busy calendar keep you from this Fall Savings. Visit our How to Order Mini Bull Semen order page on our web site and secure your semen now for great Spring and Early  Summer calves. You will also find photos and descriptions as well. 


You'll be glad you took advantage of Falster Farm's genetically superior frozen semen to increase and improve your herd.


 Please call Karl Falster 903-629-3034 if you have any questions or concerns, he'll be happy to discuss the details with you. Or you may send an email to Please put "semen sale" in the subject line.      Gray 


We know you are busy and appreciate the time you have taken to read this Special Fall Offer. PLACE YOUR SEMEN NOW

You have received this email because you are a Friend of Falster Farm but if you do not have cows- please send it to someone you know who does.

We cherish your continued support of our effort to "raise food fit to eat and teach others to do the same".


Karl & Nancy Falster

The semen for our bulls is stored with Champion Genetics and as their name implies, they are champions in the industry of collecting, storing and shipping frozen semen. Upon receipt of payment we will release your purchased semen and you will deal directly with Champion. 

Again, thank you for your business. Call if you have any questions 903-629-3034


buy 5  straws get 1 free straw

buy  10  straws get 2 free straws


Offer Expires: Oct 31, 2012

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Falster Farm .in the drought!

This photo on the right depicts the good shape the Falster farm is in in spite of the drought condition. Quality Control for us is productivity in spit of adversity. These are near waste high silage peas that in our neighbors fields attain knee hight or less in the dry times.

The difference is our meathods attract cosmic forces to stimulate the essential needs of the crop and biologicals in the dirt.

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Falster FArm has made the head lines all over the world as purveyors of Health and Export Certified Miniature Hereford Bull Frozen Semen.

We have had some good times and we have had some bad times, but throught it all God has lead us by the by.

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